02/10/2021 Saturday,3 pm – 5 pm
Fabulous Chinese Music Concert at Bunjil Place Studio Casey


Melbourne 7-Melody Notes (Formerly Knowns as River Jiang Arts) was incorporated on 13/07/2011 and is a non-profit Chinese Arts and Music association registered in Australia. Its aim is to promote traditional Chinese cultural arts and music in Australia.

WHAT services do we provide?

Since incorporation, Melbourne 7-Melody Group is dedicated to the dissemination of the Chinese music in Melbourne, the Melbourne 7-Melody Group plays regularly at a variety of venues across the Victoria suburbs. Melbourne 7-Melody Group boasts players from various countries, all playing traditional Chinese musical instruments and each person playing several instruments.
The orchestra is a cross-border amalgamation of Chinese and Western music and in order to promote East-West exchange music and also to get more Western audience awareness, love and learn the beautiful of Chinese folk music.

10th Anniversary Celebration

This year, the Orchestra marches into its 10th year. Thanks to continuing various City Councils community and arts grants and the public support, in its quest to deliver so far more than 30 indoor and online musical and festivals project in various city town hall and community halls. The Orchestra remains a unique addition to the colourful multicultural scene of Melbourne.

To honour its pledge of bringing Chinese music to the community, since its inception, the Orchestra regularly organises free performances and presentations at various academic and community venues to introduce traditional Chinese culture to mainstream society. Our orchestra rehearsed on every Saturday afternoon was located in Cambodia Friendship Association at Springvale and now moved to Glen Waverley.

The Sound of River- Public Fund

The Sound of River Public Fund is a tax-deductible fund and listed on The Australian Government’s Register of Cultural Organizations (ROCO) maintained under Subdivision 30-F of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997. Donation of $2 or more will receive a tax deduction against the taxable income.

Melbourne 7-Melody Group
(ABN:24 418 535 918)
(The Sound of River- Public Fund )

Melbourne 7-Melody Group is a not-for-profit arts association, the principal activities is to bring the beauty and vitality of Chinese ensemble music to fellow Chinese and non-Chinese Australian and beyond.

Tax-deductible donations are to be used for the following activities:
• To promote multi-cultural activities such as music; performing Arts; literature; video; craft; movable cultural heritage
• To bring regularly a high standard Chinese music concert to everyone
• To bring more talented young artists the opportunity to perform on the stage.
• To invite and encourage national and international leading artists to perform with Melbourne 7-Melody Group

You can provide the tools to plant the tree of arts and help us to build a more cultured nation.

Please make a gift to: The Sound of River-Public Fund


Please Support

Direct Deposit Donation Details
Account name: Melbourne 7-Melody Group
Glen Waverley Branch
BSB: 063-182
Account No: 1095 6043

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