WHO are We?

Melbourne 7-Melody Group was registered by Australian Cultural Organisation in July 2011 to promote and educate the traditional Chinese culture musics dance and arts. It is a non- profit, non- political and non-religious arts college. Melbourne 7-Melody Group training college through the teaching of music, singing, dance rehearsal and performance in order to promote,spread and carry forward the Chinese Classical Arts in Australia.

WHAT services do we provide?

Since incorporation, Melbourne 7-Melody Group is dedicated to the dissemination of the Chinese music in Melbourne, the Melbourne 7-Melody Group plays regularly at a variety of venues across the Victoria suburbs. Melbourne 7-Melody Group boasts players from various countries, all playing traditional Chinese musical instruments and each person playing several instruments.

STATEMENT of purpose

The main purposes of the Association is the promotion of multi-cultural activities such as music; performing Arts; literature; video; craft; movable cultural heritage. Promote appreciation of Chinese ensemble music and culture to the youths, non-Chinese community as well as novices through our outreach concert series. Nurture and groom young musical talents.

Directors & Management

Prof. Tan Ting Yuan (Chairman)


Richard Ng (Secretary/Treasurer)
Music Director: Tang Yong Qing


William Huang
Molly Lui
Ying Tan
Ming Y
Anna Zhang
Darryl Lemondine

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