On 31 July 2013, River Jiang Arts was endorsed and approved by Australia’s Ministry of Cultural Organisation and listed in the Australian Government Registered Cultural organisations and also been registered with Australian Cultural Organisation and therefore the principal activities of River Jiang Arts’ Fund in Australia is under the Australian Taxation Act and donation of $2 and above are 100% exempted from the taxpayer’s taxable income


River String has performed many-requested booking by various Civic Council, Public library, and Corporate and Business live music event. Time after time, and time and again the music band is met with satisfied clients and guests. Often quickly re-booked for the same event. Our music band has performed in almost every corporate venue around Melbourne and interstate performances in Sydney

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Our professional musicians and performance artists are able to produce unique quality performances new and customised entertainment catering to the requirements of each event.      

We have very strong relationships with major Chinese dancers, singers and artists and celebrities, allowing us to provide entertainment for all types of events and can put together artists that will best suit your event budget and style.

We provide one event solution for anyone wishing to book for a smaller function, or those times when the budget doesn’t really meet the big picture.

A totally 100% music live band from 2 piece – 7 piece featuring beautiful of East West folk music to modern music and playing with different musical instrument from most popular Chinese Violin, Violin, Chinese flute and Keyboard and vocal as follow:

Line up ideas include:

2 piece = 2 different Chinese Violin Family
3 piece = 3 Chinese Violin Family ensemble
4 piece = 3 Chinese Violin and Violin or Chinese Lute
5 piece = 4 String Quartet and add a Female vocal
6 piece = 5 String Quartet with keyboard or a vocal
7 piece = 5 Chinese Ensemble String with a bamboo flute and a vocal

Chinese Violin (erhu family)

Erhu (also known as Two-String Violin) has many similarities with the violin, but also have their own characteristics. In the modern national Chinese orchestra, the “Erhu family”, which consists of Gaohu, Zhonghu, Erhu, Jinhu, Banhu five instruments. Erhu is the orchestra largest group and in particular making the erhu from the opera accompaniment as the main form of performance, to the solo posture into the art hall.


Whether you are planning a big corporate event or an intimate celebration, we can find the right act to complement your event. If you need further assistance in planning or managing your event, please feel free to Contact Richard

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