Australia Erhu Society 

The Australian Chinese Violin (erhu) Society was registered on the Australian Register of ASICs on May 1st, 2019. She is Australia’s first officially recognized erhu non-profit organization, and is also a professional group composed of many musicians under the years of the River Sound Art Troupe. Previously, thanks to the care and support of the Melbourne City Government, the Australian Chinese Violin (erhu) Society has hosted many stage concerts in the city. She has also received many strengths from the Melbourne City Government. Sponsorship, the sponsorship received is from: City of Monash,  Greater Dandenong, City of Casey, Victoria Multicultural, City of Knox, Glen Eira, City of Melbourne.

The Australian Chinese Violin (erhu) Society is an important force in promoting erhu music in Australia. She is a literary group that integrates Chinese and Western cultures. It is also a large number of Chinese and foreign musicians and musicians who contact Melbourne and even Australia. Bridges and ties, her birth and growth is undoubtedly a great practice of “music without borders.”  The majority of music lovers and friends, when the Australia Chinese (Erhu) Society celebrated the registration and became one of the officially recognized stars in the Australian literary and art circles, we sincerely told everyone that We will continue to enhance and enhance the level of music performance, and whole heartedly take responsibility for the public, and contribute to the prosperity of the arts and culture in Melbourne and throughout Australia. The vast majority of music lovers, we are looking forward to and looking forward to your attention!

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